A few pictures of my favorite Tortoiseshell and Tri-Color hamsters.
Tortoiseshell and Tri-Color
Calliope - Long Haired Light Gray Pearl Black Tri-color
For more information on Long Haired, Tortoiseshell, and Tri-Colored hamsters
please visit the British Hamster Association website.
Cally was Best Unstandardized Syrian at the August 2, 2003 CHA show.
Confetti - Long Haired  Black Tri-Color
Long Haired Rex Silver Gray Tort
Tarot's California Gold
Long Haired Golden Tort
Cally and Confetti were beautiful hamsters. Sadly, they have long since passed away. While I wish it were simple to produce hamsters with such striking markings, the reality is that it is essentually pure chance and that both Cally and Confetti were rescues I happend to "luck" into.
While I never bred to produce Tri-Colored pups in my litters, I did work with the Yellow gene. This produced torts with some frequency. Thogh perhaps not as striking as the Tri-Colors, they are beautiful in their own right.
Long Haired Golden Tort